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Renewing shorthold tenancy agreement.

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We are a couple with three kids (13, 6 and 3)
We are renting property via estate agency.
Our last day of tenancy is on 24.05.15 and till now we haven’t got new one.
I did contact estate agent when they will supply us with new one, so he replied that first he need to contact landlord, take some photos of the property and he will do that somewhere next week. 

Do estate agent have a rights to take the pictures of property?
Property was unfurnished and we have lots of our pictures and private belongings which we do not wish to be on someone photos.

Also we think that asking landlord and arranging new tenancy agreement a week before previous running out is bit to late from their side.

Thanks for any advice.




Hi Raff

Why do they need to take photos? If it’s to give the landlord a report on the state of the property then it’s hard to refuse them – when that happened to me I had the same reservations as you. I asked them not to take pictures of anything other than the state of walls, ceilings, floors and fixtures close up and I requested the right to see – and delete where necessary – the photos afterwards. They had to agree as it wasn’t an unreasonable request.

In terms of the tenancy, it is a little bit slack but as you haven’t given notice to them, as long as the contracts are signed on or before the day on which the current tenancy runs out it doesn’t make that much difference. If no new tenancy was signed at all and no one gave notice you would move on to a periodic tenancy on pretty much the same terms as the original.


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