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renovations for 6 months and paint damage

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Hi there, my agency is doing renovations in our flat share for more then 6 months now. Which originally wad promised to be 3 weeks. We never gear what is going to be done in our house and builders come in our house without notice when we are out! Last night it was really the limit because they again painted the outside door without putting up signs! I pudhrd the door with my arm and my coat was covered with paint. The agency just denies everything and says there were signs..and put out signs the next day and made pictures to trick us! What to do?

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Well, you can’t really do anything about the coat. They took the pictures first, so you lost the opportunity there. 

However, you might want to start denying access to the builders, especially if they don’t give any notice. This won’t do much, as they will probably get even more aggravated, but if you feel like causing some disturbance might help you, you’re perfectly entitled to shut the door to everybody, even if they gave proper notice. As a tenant, you have exclusive occupation of the property and can control access. 

However, the agency might decide to forward the cancellation fees (when the construction workers turned up, but you didn’t let them in) to you. It seems like they are the type to do such a thing. 

Furthermore, you might want to demand some compensation for excessive and overdue building work / health hazard by breathing in dust and construction materials for 6 months straight. 

In all fairness, you want to get as far away from this letting agent as possible. 

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