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Rent abatement request?

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I moved in just before Christmas, there were several repairs plus the putting in of a shower that should have been done by this time, including servicing the boiler.

The boiler broke down 2 days after I moved in and took 5 days to fix (it is still not completely done).  I have had workmen in almost every day for the 2 week holiday period and had to stay elsewhere for the 3 days I was without heat and hot water.  I have been very accomodating of this, despite the fact it seriously inconvenienced me and my attempts to unpack were stalled somewhat and that I haven’t always known when or at what time to expect the workmen.  The work is still not completed.

The agent originally said she could offer me nothing,”it’s just one of those things., the boiler was working fine” etcetc.  However I do feel some kind of rent reduction for the 3 days I couldn’t stay there would be fair.

I wondered what others thought?


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Hi Claire

‘One of those things’ eh, that’s always irritating to hear when you’re paying a fortune in rent…

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 makes keeping the boiler in good repair the landlord’s responsibility but you do have to give them reasonable time to deal with any issues. However, a reasonable landlord should be open to considering a rent reduction for the period in which you had absolutely not heat and hot water (if you Google this most of the forum comments seem to suggest 30-50% reduction). It’s also worth highlighting any particular expenses you incurred as a result of not being able to stay in the property (hotel?). You might also want to mention the inconvenience of having workmen constantly coming and going as that also affects your ability to quietly enjoy the property you’re paying for.

Although you probably do have a right to compensation (but you’d need legal advice from an organisation like Shelter to be 100% sure) the reality is often that you might need to compromise to preserve the ongoing relationship. Sometimes it can be worth going direct to the landlord, bypassing the agent, explaining the inconvenience you’ve suffered and offering a reasonable rent reduction to get the matter quickly resolved. Sometimes landlords don’t realise what tenants have been through and most will want to avoid disputes.

Good luck and hope it’s fixed soon.


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