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Rent application submitted but no outcome yet

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Having a bit of an issue with a letting agency and wondering if anyone has some advice or experienced anything similar. Me and my boyfriend had a viewing for a house last Thursday and before we left we said we wanted the house. We were told we had to complete an application form each, with bank/reference/employment details etc. and submit it to the letting agency for them to pass to the landlord to review – We submitted applications within an hour of viewing. Apparently once the house is let, the landlord will be dealing with everything directly so sounded fair enough to check people out beforehand.

However, I’ve been calling to see how things are moving along and was told that they’ve had a couple of applicants and the landlord is still looking through them and that a few had already been unsuccessful as they were unsuitable so we are still in the running to have the house.

Tomorrow it will have been a week since our viewing, submitting applications and saying we wanted the house. Has anyone else experienced this weird process before or are we being fobbed off?

Getting really impatient and ideally we’d like to know either way as we could be looking at other properties, especially as we are pushed for time.


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In my personal experience the process has been to agree in principle that you’ll get the property and then hand over those kinds of details once a holding deposit has been paid, however, different agencies might do things different ways – if there are any letting agents reading this it would be useful to get their input?

Unfortunately the only pressure you can put on the landlord to make a decision is to threaten to drop out of the process, which will only work if he wants you as tenants. So, it’s probably a good idea to keep looking around just in case.



Hi Alex and thanks for your reply

I figured that it would be a case of saying we wanted the house, putting down a holding fee with relevant details and then waiting for checks too which is why I was a little concerned about the agencies process.

The outcome was that we unfortunately wern’t successful with the application after waiting over a week for the agency/landlord to decided between us and another applicant based purley on the initial information provided. This cost us a week where we could have potentially said yes to another property and put down a deposit. We didn’t get the house because the other applicants were married and we aren’t – which surely shouldn’t even be relevant?!

Not a fan of their long, process and decided against using that agency again. We’ve since viewed a house, put down a deposit and awaiting checks. In total taking a week – there’s a difference!


Good I’m glad you’ve found something better! Landlords have all sorts of strange reasons for choosing tenants – being married certainly won’t guarantee the property is well taken care of in my experience!  Perhaps it’s something to do with a perception that the rent will be more secure. Either way, lesson learned and you’re probably in a much better position now. Good luck!

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