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Rent deduction due to no use of garage

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Hi all! 

I was looking for advice on whether I have a case with my current letting agency. I am currently renting a flat, which was advertised as having it’s own garage with secure entry.

Upon moving in I’ve found that the electronic FOB to access the electric gate (and by proxy our garage) doesn’t work and therefore I’m unable to access the garage. 

It’s now 3 months later and despite raising this with our letting agency they have yet to resolve this for us, with the final straw breaking when they passed this to a colleague to look into over a month ago who never got back in touch.

I wrote to them and advised this was advertised with the properly and we’ve been through a great deal of incovenience I would expect a rent deduction for the months we’ve been unable to access this through no fault of our own.

The agency have advised that as the propery is habitable and windtight they are unable to offer a rent discount. 

Are they correct, or do I have a case for a rent deduction should I take this further? I understand my actual property is habitable, but surely the  use of an secure entry garage is factored into my rental price?

Any help or advise would be appreciated,

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Hi Grant,

Absolutely, you have a case. If the garage is part of the tenancy and you don’t have use of it, you are entitled to a reasonable refund for the time you are without it.

Check what the going rate in your area is for renting a garage and ask for a refund for this amount.


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