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Rent discount after ceiling collapsing

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Hello. I was trying to find the similar case to mine, but so far I wasn’t able so I decided to post my question.

Me and my partner rent a flat, two-bedroom with living room. 4 weeks ago we noticed, that the ceiling is leaking in one of the bedrooms (the one we were sleeping in). We informed our LL about that, but since it was an evening he said that there is nothing he can do about that. We put the bowl under that and went to sleep. Next day, 6 am, part of the ceiling (we live on the top floor, only with attic above us) collapsed. It not only scared us, but also covered all of our stuff in a nasty dust (fortunately there was nothing directly under the place where the ceiling collapsed so there was no actual damage). I contacted the LL immediately and he arranged someone to come a take a look at the damage at the same day. The guy came, the landlord too. Couple of days later there was someone to take a look at the building roof and that’s it. I’m contacting LL’s friend, who is supposed to take care of the repair, every week to get some information, but so far he is not able to give me any date, anything. Just saying that they wait for the quote and when they finish with the roof they will be able to repair the ceiling in our bedroom. Last week I told him that my friend is coming to visit us and I won’t be able to put him in his own bedroom (that’s the main reason we rented 2-bedroom, to have guests over). He said that he will call me back later that week, he never did. I’m tired of calling all the time and asking about the repair. It will be a month this week when we are living without one bedroom. 

I would like to ask the LL for some kind of rent discount since we actually have a one bedroom flat instead of two. But I’m not sure if I’m in the position. In the agreement, there is an information that we are able to get a discount on full rent if the property is damaged so much, that we can’t live there. In fact, we have still two separate rooms (the other bedroom and the living room) so I’m afraid that LL will tell me that I can’t get any discount since I still have normal living conditions.

I will appreciate any advice.

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Hi ModLi

This is tricky as there is no solid framework to such an issue.

There are really 2 approaches you can take:

1. Notify the Landlord that they have 7 days to finalise a works schedule and implement this. Failing that you will deduct X% from the rent until the works have been completed. (To calcuate percentage divide 100 by the number of rooms in the property- that gves you the percentage OR if you have access to a floor plan, you can deduct the allocated % of floor space of that room agaist the whole property).

2. Notify your local Environmental Health Dept and have them tackle the issue for you. However, they will just address maintenance not compensation. Most Landlords wont agree to compensatin until an issue has been resolved.

Hope that helps & Good Luck


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