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rent dispute

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Hope someone can help. Last May I had to vacate my rented accomodation due to a possesion order, stupidly I thought if I get out on the date everything would be ok. How wrong was I, too much was happening at the time and the papers were put into a draw, I didnt fill them in. 3 weeks before christmas the baliffs arrived demanding £2000, the money was borrowed from family members. After this happened I read the papers, my landlord has taken me to court for £9000 of rent arrears. I have found several reciepts that prove otherwise. What i want to know is, who can I turn to for help in this matter or is to late. If it is then bankruptcy will be only option as I have other debts.

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 You should speak to Shelter they are excellent.


Hi Alix

As Amy says, Shelter are a great place to go if you’re facing housing problems. You might also be able to get some help from Citizen Advice. I’m not sure what stage your case is at and whether you are able to fight it – you could get some free legal advice from someone at a law centre to see what your options are. It might also be worth speaking to a solicitor to see if they can help you fight the case on a no win no fee basis (i.e. they get their fee if they win and there’s nothing to pay if they don’t). You can find a solicitor via the Law Society and the first consultation with them should usually be free.


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