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Rent includes internet - Not properly provided

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Hi all,

I am about to move into a property, and we were told by the estate agents twice when I specifically asked that we would be provided with ‘good internet‘. It also states in our contract that the rent includes broadband.

The house is situated above the letting agents office (our landlord is the boss of the letting agents). 

I’ve just been informed by my roommate that has already moved in that they have not provided us with our own internet. They have told us to just use the wifi signal from their office downstairs.

Naturally the signal is terrible on the top floor, and god knows what we do if it goes out or needs resetting or anything on evenings or weekends when their office is shut. As students its really important we have good and reliable internet.

Is this right? Can they legally do this?

It mentioning broadband in the contract gives me a little hope but no idea on the legalities or anything.
The company is not a very good one, and this is only one thing that they told us they’d provide but havent (TV, TV pckage, dishwasher..). But is the most important one so want to get it cleared up first and foremost.

Any help or advice much appreciated.


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