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Rent increase

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Ive rented the same propert now for nearly 3 years on a SAT, obviously the original 6 months have passed and I’ve been on a rolling month to month contract now 

landlord via FB message increased rent by £30 per month, gave me 2 months notice.

ive now received a new SAT lease for 6 months with a rent increase! Don’t want to be tied to house for another 6 months plus 2 months notice to quit. 

Should my last lease have been terminated before new one issued? 

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Hi Audrey,

Unless stated in the contract a Landlord cannot simply give notice of a rent increase. They can, of course, request one however this must have at east 2 months notice and is only enfrceable with your consent. If you do not consent the Landord then has a choice- keep the rent as is or serve 2 months (minimum) notice for you to vacate.

A contract is optional- you are never obliged to sign one, especially is you have not agreeed to the written terms. Again, if you refuse to sign, he just needs to give a minimum of 2 months notice to terminate.

If you are happy to pay £30 pcm more but dont want a 6 month commitment then just tell the Landlord this. The rent can be chahged at any time (by mutual consent) and you can then simply keep the remaining terms the same with a rolling contract.

Hope that helps.

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