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rent increase and outstanding work

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Hoping someone  can help with some advice on how i deal with some issues i have with my landlord

1, we have been living in his property for over a year and all the jobs he said he would do he hasnt , outr back gate is brojken, it was when we moved in , he prommised he would repair this in the summer of 2015

2, we seem to have an air lock in the hot water and ive n clue of how to sort this out 

3, our taps in the bathroom are really hard to tur off and his repsonce was , well you could try and fix them, we tried but stopped as were worried we may damage the sink

4, some of the plug socketd are really lose and im worried im five year old may hurt himself 

5, our front door broke, its a upvc door, it was around 4pm and i taxted the landlord, he said he would try to come out and have a look, my concern was i was due to work a night shift and wasnt happy leaving  my wife and child alone with a front door that wouldnt lock, in the end the landlord agreed to allow me to cal a locksmith , £300 later and a fixed door my landlord was not happy. he asked to come round and arrange for the gas saftey checks to be arranged and resign the new rent agrrement but we were away , thyen i recieve a text sayiong we really need to meet to get the forms signed , and low and behold he now says he wants to rasie the rent from £900 a month to £975 , and that he is concered that already a few months have gone by at the old rate , at no time before the door costs was known did he say anything about a rent increse , i cant help but feel this is unfair he has done none of the jobs and exptcted me to leave my wife and child alone in an unsecured house until i forced the point .

were do i stand , ehat can i do about this incresse and the fact he has done none of the jobs that are needed to be done. 

last point we seem to get post for all and sundree including the landlord , can i returen this to the post office ? as i dont feel i should be handing post to people who i dont know and can the landlord have post delivered here if he dosnt live here 


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Hi Stuart

The landlord is entitled to raise the rent by a reasonable amount once a year. If you want to make sure that these things get done then you could ask for them to be made conditions to you signing the new tenancy – i.e. you’re signing on condition that the repairs etc are carried out before the new tenancy gets under way. Get that in writing, preferably in the tenancy itself.

In terms of the post I normally just write ‘[Name] does not live at address. Return to sender’ and put it back in the post box.



If these if these jobs have been outstanding for a long time you can speak to the local council who have the power to serve notice upon your landlord requiring him to do the work the landlord cannot give notice to end the tenancy wall this notice is outstanding Hope this helps 

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