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Rent increase discrepancy

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My current assured shorthand tenancy is due for renewal 1st Sept. My Landlord posted a hand written letter informing me of 4 weeks notice to increase rent from £950 per month to £1050 per month. I accepted this as given. She then text me twice asking if I had received the letter even though I was at home at the time and she could have knocked. I thought the text s were a rather rude form of contact. The Landlord then phoned and asked why I didn’t reply to the texts. When I explained that I thought it would have been more polite to phone  and then reminded her about the outstanding repairs she started being verbally abusive so I asked to phone me when she had calmed down.

As she had not contacted me for 2 weeks I thought it best to email her as I am still waiting for new tenancy agreement and repairs. I Cc a copy to my daughter who received the email within 2 minutes.

She phoned me today to say that the tenancy agreement needs to be signed. I asked if she had received my email sent yesterday  and she said no, but then stated that I would only be getting a six month agreement and the rent, with the increase, would now be payable every 4 weeks. The hand written letter stated monthly. So in effect is she imposing two rent increases even before I have received new tenancy agreement. Where do I stand?

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