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Rent increase from £825 to £1100 after 5 years. Is that reasonable?

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Hi there,

I’ve been renting a 1 bedroom on a assured short hold for over 5 years. The initial rent was £825 but as I moved in thelandlord promised to replace the bedroom window and offered £200 discount for the first mont which then continued for 2 years until the window got replaced. So, for the next 3 years the rent was £825 and I’ve just received a emai with a new tenancy aggrement with a new rent £1100.

It feels to me like a steep increase  and too short a notice that I’m expected to pay £275 more from November.

Any suggestions welcomed?




Hi Jerry

Your landlord is entitled to put your rent up once a year and there are no official rules on how much that increase can be. However, that is a huge amount as you say and seems disproportionate. You can challenge this via a first tier tribunal – this is a good idea because it will also inform you of what is a ‘market rent’ from the property so that you know if the landlord is ripping you off or not. There’s more info here on how to do that.


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