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Rent Increase in the middle of a Renewal Contract period

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I signed a renewal agreement after the first 12months fixed period tenancy(2013-2014).The renewal agreement clearly states that my rent will be xxx amount every month until the finish of the 12 month period (2014-2015). However, my landlord has now decided to increase the rent just after 6 months of the renewal period due to the high demand of rental market and he feels he can get more rent for the property. The renewal agreement stated that the tenancy agreement remains the same as the original agreement from 2013. There are no break-clauses about the increase of rent or notice period.
Is my landlord allowed to increase the rent or is he allowed to give me an eviction notice? Does this 12 month agreement on the renewal act as a fixed term or is it periodic tenancy?


If you have renewed the tenancy agreement with a further 12 months fixed term, then your landlord is not able to increase the rent until the end of the fixed term period.

You would have a periodic tenancy if the original fixed term lapsed and you did not sign another tenancy agreement.

The landlord is likely to raise the rent at the end of your current fixed term, so you should weigh this up against the cost of moving.

For more info see our articles on rent increases and tenancy types:

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Disclaimer: This information is derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as a definitive or accurate interpretation of the law.


Excellent ! Thanks Justine, much appreciated….Your advise has relieved me from stress. I was really stressed out for a few days and didn’t know what was my rights. The landlord tried to play games with me and threatened to evict me if I don’t agree the rent increase. Now I can tell him that he cannot do anything until the new agreement expires next year.

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