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Rent Increase Notice

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my tenancy agreement comes to an end today and as of 2 days ago I’d heard nothing from the letting agent – not unusual as they’ve been slow in the past. I’ve rented the property for the past 7 years.

I contacted them 2 days ago saying I hadn’t heard from them and wondered what was going on as the agreement finishes soon. They’ve advised that the landlord is happy to renew the agreement and there will be a rent increase. Apparently they sent notification of this increase at the end of April, which I haven’t received, and they were going check up on it next week after the current agreement has ended.

I’m not disputing the increase, its fair, but I’m not happy that I haven’t been given any notice of it. The agent has sent a scanned copy of the letter they apparently sent (I say apparently because when it comes to paperwork they are incredibly slow, it took them nearly 2 months to give me a new tenancy agreement last year and I had to chase them for it), and have asked me to sign it which I’m not happy to do as its a scan and therefore doesn’t have their actual signature on it.

The rent for the next month has already left my bank account so I can’t change it.

Where do I stand on this?

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Well, you really stand on the side of the plank that’s over the see. 

Notification or not, your landlord is entitled to increase the rent when the current tenancy expires. Granted, you may want to demand a month delay, as the notification has never arrived at your address AND you have already made the payment. 

The agent should have followed up with a phone-call or an email to make sure you have received the notice. 

Other than that, you just accept the increase and continue renting, or you move. 

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