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Rent Increase on AST

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I’ve been in my rented property for 4+ years. Each year I sign a new 12 month AST. Each year the landlord raises the rent by £100 or £150, which I’m never happy to agree to but he said he’s well within his rights.  He’s claiming that he’s given me ‘notice’ by putting a clause in each lease that “next years’ rent will increase by no more than £200. In addition, it’s worth noting that before I ever signed the FIRST lease, I negotiated with him that he would NEVER raise the rent, else I wouldn’t be his tenant. I have an email from him stating that the rent will remain the same for all future AST contracts, yet he’s raised it every year.

So my questions are:

1. Is listing in one contract that the next contract amount will ‘increase by…’ considered ample as ‘giving notice’? and,

2. Do I have any recourse concerned with his original email that says he’d never raise the rent, as at this point I’ve paid him an extra £6,000!

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Hi Tara,

Each time you sign a new Tenancy Agreement you approve the rent incraese. If you dont sign a new document at a new rent level, it cannot be increased unless the contract specifically states that on X date the rent will increase to £Y.

If you refuse to sugn a new tenancy agreement the Landlord cannot increase the rent. They then have a choice- keep you at the same rent or serve notice on you to vacate.

By signing each tenancy agreement you invalidate anything stated in early emails as you have willingly eneterd in to a contractual agreement.

Of course, if you dont want the rent to go up any more, you also have the option to vacate at the end of each contract and seek a cheaper property elsewhere.

Hope that helps.

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