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Rent increase when partner moving in

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My flatmate and I have been privately renting a two bedroom flat since September 2015. We renewed our 12-month contract in September 2016. 

We contacted the landlord recently to ask if he would be happy for my flatmate’s boyfriend to move in with us. He has responded saying he would be happy in principle but would be ‘increasing the rent accordingly’. 

Is this reasonable? The rent my flatmate and I pay to the landlord is solely for the flat – we pay all bills separately ourselves. It seems to me that an additional person moving into the property shouldn’t make any difference to him and a rent increase seems purely opportunistic. Is there a technical reason why rent would be increased in this kind of situation? Perhaps something to do with insurance?

When we renewed our contract in September last year the landlord said he had ‘no plans’ to change our rent so this is just to do with an extra person moving in.

I would appreciate any thoughts/advice. I don’t want to create any tension with our landlord needlessly as we do have a positive relationship at the moment but also don’t want to be ripped off. 

Thanks in advance.


An extra person adds extra wear and tear to the property. Theoretically, a 3-occupant property would break down more frequently and come out more worn out at the end of the tenancy than 2-occupant property. 

Outside of this, it’s entirely up to the landlord’s discretion whether the rent should be increased. 

You’re asking to change the contract (by moving a 3rd person in) – the landlord offers his condition to accept the change.

You might feel the landlord is opportunistic by asking for more rent, but aren’t you equally as opportunistic by moving in a 3rd person and thus lowering your rent. 

I’m just saying.. 

You should request more information about what the rent increase is going to be (in numbers) and draw conclusions / make decisions from there on.

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