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rent rise

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Has anyone disputed a rent rise? I want to dispute mine on the grounds of repairs. I am in a dispute with my housing association therefore disagree with the rent rise. If i appeal will they look into the repairs etc? Mine is an affordable rent tenancy.

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This is quite a common event, and we were always having to deal with these issues.. Normally rent is increased due to rising costs and maintenance spent on flat and building.. If the building/flat is in a poor state of repair and has had no repairs for past few years, then you can dispute the Increase in writing on those grounds, and say when the repairs and maintenance are completed then agree to a fair rent increase each year of an inflationary amount of 3%.. Problem with private renting and high demand areas it can back fire as they can serve you a section 21b notice at end of tenancy, and be assured there will be always someone that will come along to rent it again at the higher rate. This is a problem with non regulation within the Industry, landlords/agents are free to charge what they like.


Hi thank you for the reply but i am not in private accommodation my property is with a housing association. The process i have been told is to go to my housing association and discuss which i did and got rather a curt response one of well repairs are nothing to do with rent rise and we are allowed to do this. I was told i could appeal this to the ” rent appeals” these are separate from them i think local gov type thing but however in appealing if they feel my rent is set lower it could be said the housing association are actually allowed to charge more and they could do so. My argument is purely that i am having a lot of repairs and this has been on going for 2 years if there are repairs to be done which have not been rectified so far as i am still in a complaint can they still be justified in a rent rise. I really just wondered if they will uphold it on those grounds as ive never been in this position before.

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