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Rental deposit

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Can u help ? I am renting a house off a friend. Everything has been done legally except a few verbal agreements. An elderly gentleman lived here before and had extra hand rails put in up the stairs (one either side). I had to remove one side because we couldn’t get our new bedroom furniture up with out damaging it. I spoke to my landlady about it and she was happy for me to fill holes and paint over. I have lived with damp in the dining room and front hall which she isn’t bothered about. When I moved in she wanted to get rid of a greenhouse in the garden and I asked her to leave it because I wanted to use it. I agreed verbally to remove it when I left. I am lucky to have found a house to buy and should be out within the month. She is now saying she wants all the hand rails replaced as it was when I moved in. Which is un-needed and ridiculously expensive. When I complained in the past about stuff she raised my rent. I re grouted her kitchen and laid a new floor (at my expense) which I feel like removing now ! If anyone can advise me on hand rails please, I will be very grateful. Also before I moved in she wanted to get rid of her greenhouse. I wanted to use it and agreed to remove it when I left. All the glass comes out from the outside which means trying to climb on the roof of it. I have decided to leave it as it is too dangerous to take apart and it is strictly still hers and on her land. We are not really on speaking terms now but feel I have been treated unfairly because she thought she could rule over me because of our friendship. I also feel she had it in her head that she would make things difficult for me just so she can keep my deposit.

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Hi there, Stephanie.

Sorry to hear that your relationship with your landlady has gotten to this point.

In terms of verbal agreements, with no written proof you are unfortunately out of options.

I would suggest replacing the hand-rail you removed, leaving the greenhouse as it is and leaving the property EXACTLY as you found it (no need to unnecessarily remove the kitchen flooring, just chalk it up to doing a good deed for any new tenant).

As long as you leave it in the exact same state as you moved in (with it cleaned, etc), then she cannot take your bond unfairly.

Luckily you have found a house to buy, but if in the future you decide to rent, always remember: WRITTEN AGREEMENTS (email, letter, etc) and photographs upon sign in and sign out (so you can prove it is as you found it, if not better).

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance. If you need help and advice with anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.

Best of luck.

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