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Rental Increase Under New Landlord

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I have tried to make our story as concise as possible – let me know if anything is unclear and I will provide more details. Apologies for any spelling mistakes, I wrote this post via mobile.

We are coming to the end of our tenancy, currently paying £900 pcm. We spoke to our landlord and agent and agreed we would like to stay in the property and extend our tenancy. The landlord agreed and decided to increase the rent by £25 pcm which we agreed to – this was done by email.

3 weeks passed and we still didnt receive the new contract. When we chased this issue the agent made excuses and said it was coming in due course. We were then asked by the landlord to allow him into the property for a viewing, as he was planning to sell the flat and assured us he would only seek an investment buyer so we could remain in the property.

The agent assured me last Wednesday that the contract was in the post and that the chances were slim that a buyer would be found before we would sign the new teancy agreement. The following Saturday we allowed the landlord into the property to show round a buyer.

After chasing the agent again today (Monday) I was informed that a new buyer has been found and that he wishes to increase the rent by a further £25 pcm taking the total to £950 pcm. He also explained that the landlord had asked him to hold off on sending us the contract until the viewing was made.

We now have the option of giving 1 months notice and moving out or accepting the £50 increase pcm and remaining in the property under the new owner.

I would like to find out if what has happened is acceptable and if we have any grounds to appeal the second rent increase, as the first increase of £25 was agreed by myself and the landlord over email. We feel like we have been part of a plan to freeze us out of the situation in order to acheive a higher rental rate and now feel exploited and vunerable.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks

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Hi Nick

As far as I know rent can only be increased once within a 12 month period. However, I’m not sure if this counts as two £25 raises or a single £50 raise as the first raise was never put into effect.

You can challenge the rent increase if you don’t feel it’s a fair market rent – there’s more info on how to do this here.


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