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Rented Property sold on

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I rented a property in 2012,   paying s deposit . in early 2015 I found out that the owner had sold it to his wife, in her maiden name, of course major tax fiddle. I sent several letters requesting where my deposit was to both of them all recorded, totally ignored. Then found the deposit was unprotected in 2014.

I gave notice two months later and served the papers for my deposit.

the first landlord served me with a statutory demand saying  I owed him thousand of pounds of rent, short paid each month, obviously he had forgot he gave me a new tenancy with reduced rent. I worked for him and have paperwork covering everything.  Anyway the demand was set aside and waiting for his next lies to appear. 

Took the new owner to court for return of my deposit, two cases so far, major discussions with the judge who was not willing to anything I said. 

I was never issued with a new tenancy and at court , letters appeared that she said she had sent notifying change of ownership, obviously nothing sent recorded.

Three tenants all in the same boat

Will I actually stand a chance of getting my money back ?

Service provider

Are you still living in the property? If so, the court should order that it is placed in a protection scheme, rather than returning it to you. If you have left the property, and the deposit was definitely not protected with any scheme you will get it back, minus any successful counter-claim for rent arrears.

Have you also claimed for the deposit penalty? 

Did the tenancy start before 6 April 2012 – automatic 3x the deposit penalty. From 6 April – Between 1 and 3 times penalty.

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