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Renting a new home while passport at Home Office

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I am moving into another city soon since I have got a new job offer (and CoS through which I will extend my Tier 2 status) while the contract of my current job (from which I have a Tier 2 status) is about to expire.

Now I have applied for the new visa related to the new CoS and the passport is with the Home Office. I am also in need to move to the new city and am planning to do so in 2-3 weeks by which time I do not think I will have my passport back yet. Will this be a problem for the application of the new home to rent? What can I show the letting agent instead of my passport …

Has anyone been in this situation?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Best regards!


Hi Ardi,

Due to the Right to Rent chack legislation no Teannt or Landlord will be able to grant you a tenancy beyond your current, valid, visa expiration date. That you have made a submission is not enough as it has not yet been granted.

You will either have to agree an interim agreement in line with your current Visa and then sign a longer tenancy when the new one is issued OR you will have to stay in temporary accommodation until your new visa comes through and then take up a new tenancy.

Legally no Landlord or Agent is permitted to do anything else.

I hope this helps.

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