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Renting property with no space to install cooker!

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I have just started to rent a new property that has no cooker installed. As i have only been here 2 weeks and been getting things sorted, it slipped my mind to check that i could actually have a cooker in the kitchen. Currently living from a microwave and takeaways.

I say this as there is a physical space for a cooker with a gas supply (blanked off) and a 6mm cable coming from a cooker switch on the wall.

After stopping to look at the area and at buying a cooker i have quickly realised that i cannot install one in this location due to regs.

I guess the original cooker was taken out before the landlord could rent the property due to that.

The reasons i can’t install one;

2x 1000mm wall units joined together and installed directly above the cooker space at 500mm from worktop/hob vertically.

No extractor in kitchen at all.

No “splash back” to prevent scorching.

So if i was to get a cooker i would need to remove the wall units and install an extractor with a fused spur to supply it (I am an electrician by trade) also due to it more than likely being gas i would need some kind of “splash back” on the wall to stop scorching then repaint where the old units used to be and also find some new storage space for the things from those cupboards.

Could get rather expensive but as i am renting, according to the agreement, i cannot carry out any of these works, it has to be done by a contractor of the landlords choice who i guess would typically do exactly what i have just mentioned as it would be the cheapest, quickest and easiest option to be able to install a cooker and have it signed off meeting regs.

Is there any other way around this? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Because you’re a renter, you can’t modify the property without the landlord’s permission. However, because any rented property needs a cooker, it’s in favour of the landlord to negotiate and make this happen. 

So what can you do: 

Engage with the landlord in a discussion (friendly, calmly) about having no cooking equipment in the kitchen. 

List the required changes to have a legal gas cooker installed in the kitchen. 

List the cheapest route to achieving your goal. 

Since you’re a certified electrician, you can suggest to install some of the equipment yourself (the extractor fan).

The gas cooker needs to be installed by a gas safe registered engineer, so you can’t do it yourself. 

However, you can do all the painting, back splash and uninstall the wall units. 

SO, in the end you can negotiate with the landlord to have them purchase the cooker, you pay for the gas engineer AND you do all the extra work required to meet regulations. 

When it’s done, the landlord would have only paid for the appliance, but will get a fully equipped kitchen, which means they can raise the rent when you move out eventually. 

The landlord can give you a written permission to carry out the works (minus the gas cooker) which will negate the clause in the tenancy agreement. 

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