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Renting with pets?

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I want to rent but I want to have animals too, I love my pets and would want to rent somewhere they were allowed to come.  I’ve found trouble finding a landlord that will accept the pets, some have thought about an extra deposit, others just straight out refuse

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I’ve been caught out before with tenants and pets, they were awful, didnt clean up after their animals and let them cause damage.  however this has NOT put me off allowing pet owners into my property.  I don’t let on I will allow them to start with as I know it will only be responsible ones that will offer extra deposits etc, which then I’m happy about.  Try and speak to the landlord directly if you can


You’re not alone eeyorebob! We have pets too. If you can get a ‘pet reference’ from an old landlord this can sometimes be convincing (i.e. that the property didn’t suffer because of your pet). This might be helpful too:


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