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We moved into a rented property a month ago via a letting agent. We specifically asked for unfurnished as we had our own furniture. The day we moved in, we had to spend 5-6 hours cleaning the place, especially the oven which took 2 hours! The landlord had left a lot of his personal belongings behind which we packed up and put into storage – including white goods, as we had our own. I contacted the letting agent to explain what had happened – eventually she got back to me and said the landlord apologised for leaving his stuff and would offer us £20 as a good will gesture. This would only include the cost of the storage boxes that we had to buy for his stuff, not the cost of the storage itself which is £30/week. Apparently he said he didn’t realise we wanted it unfurnished otherwise he wouldnt have rented it out – but I asked the letting agent several times to ensure it was known we wanted it unfurnished (he did move some bedroom furniture out but also left a lot.)

The letting agent were so pleased as they were allowed to fully manage the property the week we signed the contract. I said they should have checked the property over before taking it on.

Now it seems the letting agent is ignoring my emails about renumeration – we have signed a contract for 6 months and it seems now we’re in, they don’t really care what the issues are. We’ve also had teething problems eg: front door not working/shutting properly but again they seem reluctant to respond.

I am not being pushy but want a bit of renumeration for the work we had to put in before we could move in.

What are my rights? I feel I can’t let this go at the moment.

We are paying a large rental amount each month (even the inventory said the house was ‘fair’ only and had too many things to list!) plus the storage – all rather excessive for where we are!

Have I got any redress on this?

All advice gratefully recieved.

Many thanks


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Hi Catherine

What does the inventory say about furniture? Anything that is listed in that (white goods etc) must remain in the property or be returned at the end of the tenancy if you don’t want to lose your deposit. If the property was let to you unfurnished and the contract and inventory back this up then you can simply let the storage payments lapse (but tell the landlord first) as you are only responsible for returning the property in the condition that the contract requires and with the furniture on the inventory. 


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