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Repair needed - Radiator working but not properly

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I have been renting an en-suite room in a 2-bedroom house since end of May. Since I moved in, the 2 radiators I have in my room, have been working, but nor properly. Indeed, I can’t turn them off or even choose the temperature. Though the radiators are working properly anywhere else in the house.

My flatmates and I have to pay for gas and electricity, if we consume more than £30 each month, which happens every month.
Besides, I have been asking my property agent several times since May, to repair my radiators. He has always answered that he was doing his best to make someone come and repair them. Though, now we’re in October and it starts being cold and my flatmates would like to turn the heating on whereas I don’t need it.
My radiators are working of course, but not properly. What can I do? Is it legal for my agent not to fix that? 
In my contract it is written: 
In accordance with section 11 of the LTA 1985, the agent shall: (b) : keep in repair and proper working order the installation in the property for the supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation. (c) : keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the property for space heating and heating water. 
Can I consider that the Tenancy Agreement is broken?
Thanks for your help.


Is it legal for my agent not to fix that?  – It’s not. 

Can I consider that the Tenancy Agreement is broken? – You can’t. 

Have you tried to contact the landlord ? If you don’t know who they are, your letting agent has to give you their contact details. You’re legally entitled to have them. 

Your right to know who your landlord is

What you can do is follow the procedure to involve the council to review the property. 

1. Send letter for repairs (you’ve obviously done that)

2. Send a second letter for repairs (you might have done that as well)

3. Send a final notice before action. Tell them you’re going to the Environmental Health department unless action is taken in X days (give them a few days as the issue in not a health hazard)

4. Contact the local council and complain.

Here is more information: 

How to Request Repairs From Your Landlord

Contacting the Environmental Health Department

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