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Repairing boilers and water pipes

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Hi,  I have a huge issue in my apartment with hot water system. We have been living in the rented apartment since march. Ever since we moved in we started to have problem with hot water. Weeks later we got a new shower put in by the agency. However this problem kept recurring and 2 months ago we partially lost supply of hot water (was running just warm).  We contacted the agency and they sent someone out, and the problem was a part in the boiler. They said they will order a part and get back to us when they ready to replace it. Few weeks later still nothing so we kept chasing them up. The repairs department of this agency said that the contracting company are coming to the decision whether it’s the part in the boiler or we need the pipes replaced due to lime scale. For the past 2 weeks the hot water is totally gone, we are frustrated as we can’t shower at home, do dishes or any other hot water related activities. I have finally got on the the property manager, he promised to keep on top of it and contact me when they know the date for the pipes to be changed, bit that was last Friday.. Monday-called again and still waiting for them to get back to me. 

Can someone give me advice on what to do as our rest is quite expensive and we nothing has been done by the agency to help us out.

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We’ve published a guide specifically for this problem. You can download IT and a pack of template letters to send to your landlord here –

The sole purpose of it is to raise an issue with the Department of environmental health at your local council. But to do this, you need to send in some letters and follow the complaint procedure step by step. 

This is the best thing you can do when trying to get your landlord to do repairs. Don’t stop paying rent, it will only count against you and you can get evicted after a while. 

Hope it helps !

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