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How long does a landlord have to fix the hot water and heating if not working

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I’m not 100% but it should only be a number of days. I’m pretty sure that the Enviromental Health can intervene if nothing gets sorted quickly. They used to be able to get the repairs done and then  they would bill the Landlord. Keep records of any calls, emails, texts or letters you send. Good luck.


Hi Chris

Take a look at the repairs clauses in your tenancy agreement. Normally this will require a landlord to make repairs within a ‘reasonable’ time. Reasonable is never defined anywhere, which is frustrating. In general, it depends on the repair and the circumstances. So, a total boiler breakdown in the middle of winter would require action within 24-48 hours but in the summer it wouldn’t be the same. In my experience as a tenant, if it goes beyond 4-7 days without hot water and heating you can start talking about compensation and that normally gets things moving.


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