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Hi, we have recently had a leak from pipes behind the walls in our bathroom and our shower is out of use. The leak has caused alot of damage to the property below us. Our landlords have been, lets say.. distant, how long should we expect to wait for our property to be fixed? 

Thanks for any replies in advance x 



It’s a good idea to get in writing (if you haven’t already) that you’ve told the landlord about this and when you first notified them or you might find they try to hold you responsible for the damage caused to the property below. Usually, the requirement to repair is a ‘reasonable’ length of time – I’m not a lawyer but, as I understand it, what this will depend on is factors such as whether you have any other way of washing, whether the bathroom is usable at all. If you don’t have a bath or a second bathroom then they need to fix it asap.

Theoretically, they are in breach of tenancy until they do fix it and you could ask for a rent reduction for the loss of facility during that time. Even asking for that usually speeds up response time.


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