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Repairs after moved out

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Hi- I wonder if anyone can help me.

We have just moved out of our rented property that we have lived in for 2 years. In this time we have never experienced a problem with the built-in electric oven- apart from the worn-off signs.

We moved out nearly two weeks ago and have just had an email from our ex-letting agent saying that the oven has been reported to be broken and that an engineer was looking into the cost. This was not noted on our moving out inspection, and was working perfectly fine when we moved out.

Does anybody know who has resposibility for paying for the oven repairs? If anyone has any links to any laws/goverment advice this would be really helpful as I will dispute this with our horrible letting agent!

Many thanks

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Hi Sarah,

Unless the agent/landlord can prove that this issue was caused by reckless/malicious intent and this is supported by a 3rd party (i.e. inventry clerk) then this falls as the responsibilkty of the landlord under normal repairs and is not your liability.

The deposit regulation protects you from such matters. If you cannot reach an agreement on this matter, you simply contact the body your deposit is registered with (TDS, DPS or TDSL) and raise a dispute. Any undisputed deposit funds should be returned to you immediately and the disputed amount then handled and arbitrated by your scheme.

They liaise with both parties, collating evidence, make a ruling and allocate funds accordingly. However- the onus is on the Landlord/Agent to support their claim not for you to prove you are innocent.

Hope that helps

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