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Repairs and mould

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Hi, hope someone can help me. I moved into a property one year ago and for 10 months ive been complaining of damp. Finally i had a damp proofer sent round who did a report but the landlord or estate agent will not show me it. Basically the landlord has told me theres rising damp in hallway which can be fixed by a resin, hygrosloric salts in all chimney breasts (i have 2 chimneys so chimney breasts are in every room) which can be fixed by stripping plaster and having waterproof plaster on and the damp all over the walls are down to poor ventilation/heating and low level wall insulation which will be fixed by air bricks, and a piv unit in the attic. The walls have book lice on them which i hoover but im about to have a fumigation for these (im paying) however my furniture is green with mould. All the wood backs of my furniture which was against external walls are covered even my sons clothes in one of the drawers (the bottom one) landlord is saying they accept no responsibility or liability for this. Is he right? My house is a 1920s house with solid concrete floor and walls. It was modernised with drywall all over the house before they brought it. All of the drywall on external walls are covered in discoloured dots (i guess mould) it covers the whole wall not just corners etc. The humidity is always around 60% even with windows open. I have a video of one of the walls if i can attach it and theres no damp proof course. Whos responsible please  

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I would be interested in the outcome of this as i am havig the same issue with my landlord.  Our furniture has a white powdery coating appearing and there is the black mould around the windows etc. 


Our landlord claims to have had it all treated but i have never seen proof of this and raised the issue 9 months ago.


I will let you know if i get any joy from my side as i have now submitted a formal complaint to the agency.


The landlord is responsible for damp and mould, unless it’s caused by the tenant’s lifestyle. 

It’s a bit of a grey area, but if you ventilate properly, heat each room to prevent condensation, have an extractor over the stoves and don’t dry your clothes in the room, you probably have got your lifestyle in check. 

Which leaves the landlord legally responsible for fixing the damp and mould ASAP, as it’s also a light to moderate health hazard. 

Check out the link below for more info:


Thank you, i have brought a moisture meter myself today and noticed all of my readings are higher at the bottom of the walls then lower the more i go up. I know moisture meter between 7-10% on drywall is acceptable but my readings are higher than this. The landlord says its just rising damp in hallway only but wont show me the report about the walls. I was also told by the damp proofer because the house is old its a solid concrete floor with no damp proof course so i lifted the carpet up and i seem to have mud which i can scratch off ontop of the concrete. I used my meter (i dont know if it does concrete properly but i got a reading of 29% on the floor too 

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