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Repairs being pushed between different people

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I was wondering if anyone could advise on an issue we are having. We moved into a flat about 1.5 years ago and shortly after discovered that one of the living room windows is leaking as soon as it rains. We contacted our letting agent and after a few emails back and forth they have sent their tradesman who said it is a structural problem with the building and therefore he cannot help us as this is a matter for the building managers. A few months passed with us trying to get the letting agents to get the building managers to come and fix it, when they finally did they said they do not know what is the issue but put in some filler which solved the problem for an extended period of time. However we live in Scotland and rain is a frequent thing, therefore about a month or 2 ago the filler has given way and the window is back to leaking as previously (and to describe the level of the problem – if we do not have a folded towel on the window there will be puddles of water forming). We keep contacting our letting agents about the matter but they say it is an issue for the building managers who are hard to get hold off, when they finally got in touch with them the building managers said it is an issue with the window of the flat above us and they can not do anything about it and they cannot contact the people from the flat above us as they do not know the flat number. From our perspective it looks like it might be an expensive job and everybody keeps pushing it to the next person (especially building managers claiming not to know flat numbers in the building they manage) all the while we have a leaking window. Does anyone know of what can we do to compel someone to fix the issue as being polite and politely insistent does not seem to work? Thanks for your help.

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Go to the flat above, speak to the tenant, ask who the landlord is, get the number of the flat and give it to the agent or building managers.

Do you have the name of your landlord? If you don’t you have the right to know it and his address. If for some reason you are unable to contact anyone in the flat above, contact the landlord direct and complain about the letting agents and the building managers.

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