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repairs not getting done

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Hi I seem to be getting no where my landlord . .problem I have is that there is a hole in baby’s bedroom floor …one in bathroom and its a big one …front door sticks n has a crack init and damp in my bedroom ive reported these months ago n nothing has been done I keep calling n pushing them but still nothing …wat are our rights as Tenants as we’re at a lost

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Hi Tracey, call your local council and ask to speak to their environmental health officer who will arrange to come out and inspect the property. What you are describing sounds dangerous to your health and safety. Environmental health will prepare a report on their findings and contact your landlord.

You might want to mention to your landlord that you intend doing this since it will not only be the problems you mention that they will inspect, but the whole of the property in which case more problems than you or your landlord know about may be identified. This may prompt the landlord to do something about the necessary repairs.

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