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are you legally entitled as a tenant,to be told what repairs are to be done in the property you reside in? I am talking about extensive repairs as i have to move out temp. The majority of the repairs i am being told about however there is one issue they refuse to give me information about no matter how i ask i get the same response which its that the person in charge is competent and i will have to trust the team will do there best for me as a resident. I will be able to inspect the works before moving back in but it dosnt help if i don’t no what works i am inspecting so to speak.


If your home needs a lot of repair work, you may have to move out temporarily while the work is being done. You generally only have to leave if it is essential.

Your landlord may provide somewhere else for you to live while the work is being done, but this is not essential.

Social housing landlords are likely to provide temporary alternative accommodation.

If you do agree to move out temporarily, you should get something in writing from your landlord which deals with these points:

1. The reasons why you’re being asked to move out temporarily
2. How long the repair work is likely to take
3. Who pays the rent on your home and any alternative accommodation. If you continue to pay rent on your home, you could negotiate that your landlord pays the rent for any alternative accommodation, or that they suspend the rent payments on your home while the repair work is going on
4. Who pays for moving and other expenses
5. Confirmation that you can move back in when the repair work is complete.

If you get Housing Benefit (HB) and you have to move out temporarily, you may be able to claim HB for the alternative accommodation. Or, if you still have to pay rent for the home you’ve moved out of, you may be able to claim HB on it if you’re unlikely to be away for more than 13 weeks.

If you need help reaching agreement with your landlord on certain things then you should speak to someone at Citizens Advice Bureau.

All the best.

Disclaimer: This information is derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as a definitive or accurate interpretation of the law.


I think it depends on what this actually is that needs doing that they are not telling you, it could be something simple that really doesnt need to concern you, but if it was something major I would have thought we as tenants should have the right to know.

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