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Replacement of worn carpets

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i have been in my rented accommodation for the last 6 years. When we moved in the carpets had just been fitted (very cheap quality though ). We had to have the property rewired a couple of years ago and consequently the carpet didn’t really go back down properly (the rubber backing had cracked where it was lifted). The carpet is now very worn (from general wear and tear) and has a hole where it was taken up for the rewire. My question is should the landlord replace this as it is not damaged it is from general wear and tear and the hole is due to the carpet not going back down properly. Thank you 


Hi Lisa,

The Landlord might, possibly, be entitled to a small claim but, at best, this would be around 10-15% given the age f the carpet. Factoring in the works issues and this may not be applicable at all. Id normally expect a carpet to last around 10 yaesr and factor wear and tear on that basis.

Hope this helps

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