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replacing a tenant

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Ludlow Thompson is charging me £360 + vat in a replacement tenancy fee (I’m moving into a new property with my boyfriend) and another £118 + vat for a replacement inspection 

I think this is horrendously expensive and have asked for a breakdown 

Does anyone have any ideas what would be a reasonable price for this?  

Thank you!  



I assume you’re still on your fixed term, trying to get out of the binding contract. In this case, the landlord / agent can basically charge you an unrestrained fee, on the basis that if you don’t pay, you don’t move.

As this point it’s up to you to negotiate for a lower fee, but we’ve seen even bigger ones, so don’t push your luck too far. 

Alternatively, you may be required to pay in full your rent until the expiry of your fixed term. 

Keep a note, that if the second one happens, you’re entitled to the property exclusively, including the keys and access. 


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