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Responsibility for repairs

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Hi, I’m hoping for some advice about repair work that needs to be done on the house I am privately renting. It is indirectly money related but feel like I am being unfairly financially tied up by this.

I have signed a 6 month assured shorthold tenancy agreement on 28th April so am tied in for 6 months.
When we moved in to the property we found a number of things in poor condition that we were not aware of at the time of viewing, which include the following:
Radiator in the lounge not working
Condensation and mould on windows, windows in general poor condition not correctly sealed, one of the windows has broken hinges and won’t close so is therefore not secure, and were described on the inventory as being in good condition
Gaps and holes in front and back doors, and were described on the inventory as being in good condition
Internal doors have dropped/broken handles and some have dents/holes as though they have been kicked, and were described on the inventory as being in good condition
General decor is poor – the walls have lots of holes, uneven surfaces, paint splatters on skirting boards and doors etc, not just slight but very poor, and were described on the inventory as being in good condition
The fascia/soffit on the exterior of the property have started to disintegrate a large hole has appeared

The property is being managed by a lettings agent and all the above issues were raised with them in writing on 3rd May. I have just received a response from them saying they are not prepared to go ahead with any repair work to resolve the issues.

From what I have read online I am sure at least some if not all of the repair issues are the responsibility of the Landlord/Letting agent – I do not see how we should be expected to cover the cost of the repairs ourselves when we are paying £850 a month in rent plus paid around £700 in fees alone when we started the tenancy agreement a month ago.

Can anyone advise me of the best action to take to get the repair work done, or is there a way I can get out of the tenancy agreement or rent payment if my home is in disrepair?

I am currently 5 months pregnant and want to be settled into a property in a fit state of repair before my baby arrives.

Many thanks

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All of these, especially since they were present at the time of you moving in the property, are a responsibility of the landlord. (The letting agent is merely a mediator.)

The bad thing is that you haven’t been present when the inventory was filled in, so you would have objected to the records. 

Now it’s a lot harder, because the letting agent has a quazi-evidence that the property was in good condition which makes it harder for you to demand any repairs. 

I suggest you contact the landlord ASAP and make sure they know about the issues and are aware that you seek repairs. 

Take it from there and make sure to chase them like a rabid dog until they get so fed up with your requests that they actually do the repairs. 

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