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return deposit

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I am after some advice regarding my deposit paid cash to my landlord 3 years ago. They have recently servced a section 21 on me but not protected my deposit. I know the sec 21 is not valid. But they have now protected my deposit ( 3 yrs late). Am i entitled to get my deposit back while i am still living in the house. As this will help me financially when I need to use the deposit for another property?



As far as I know you can’t get your deposit back k before you have vacated the property. Nor can you use it against the final.months rent/fees etc

seems unfair but that’s yet another downside to letting 🙁 



You can make a court claim against the landlord for 1-3 times the amount of the deposit – as the deposit is now repaid the amount you’d receive would probably be 1 x but that might help with your situation. The reason for this is that landlords are legally required to protect your deposit and if they don’t you’re entitled to apply to court for compensation. As it’s compensation, it means that even if they then protect the deposit, you’re still entitled to make a claim.

There’s some more information here:

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