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Return of Security Deposit

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I was thinking of taking a room in a landlords property (live out), but changed my mind and rentd alsewhere.

The lanlord retured £500 of the £600 security deposit on the grounds that he did work in preparing for my arrival, including travelling, and that the tenants were inconveienced (evidently labelling shelves, etc.) because I did not arrive.

Hovever, in the lead up to the tenancy, which was never signed, the landord was difficult to contact, not returning calls that went to voicemail, and usually not responding to email messages.

The landlord has returned £500, there was also an admin fee of £25 because I would have taken a 3 montyh tenancy, rather than a 6 month contract. This fee has been retained by the landlord.

The room was advertised as furnished, but contained only a bed, and an old table.

My question is, Is it worth trying to get back the £100, and if so, is there a quick an no cost mechanism. The deposit was not portected because I never moved in?


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Quick mechanisms that don’t involve a lot of hassle are never free. It depends on how much £75 pounds is worth to you. 

Some people will chase purely out of a sense of entitlement, others would just move on with their lives. If you indeed had the landlord traveling to the property, possibly taking time from work only for you to not show up, there is some argument for the landlord to retain the money. 

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