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Revenge Eviction HELP?

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I moved in to property in May 2016, complained almost immediately regarding disrepairs, leaking roof, mould on walls, we have had over 40 contractors in property ‘fixing/repairing’ stuff. In Jan following a serious chimney fire caused by a large hole in the back of the rayburn, I contacted the council. A Housing Inspector came out and wrote a report which started “I was astounded by the disrepair ……..” and told the landlord/agents that repairs were to be done in the next 2 months or he would serve Notice of improvment for which he would be charged for. However, in this time, (2 months given) I was served a section 21 and my landlord says i cant use the retaliatory eviction argument as no official notices were served. If this is the case, then surely there is a loop hole in the law, allowing landlords to serve S21 hiding behind the fact no official notice has been served? We are in court on Wed 19th, I have to defend myself as unable to afford legal assistance despite working full time, and I am terrified I am going to be out on the streets with my 2 childen and 3 pets. Can anyone offer any positive advise on my situation?  kindest regards Susie

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If you provide enough proof of all the damage AND 

Proof of all your communication and repair requests AND 

Proof of the report issued by the council’s officer AND 

Proof of that final bit of communication with the landlord stating “landlord says i cant use the retaliatory eviction argument as no official notices were served”

I’d say you have a pretty good shot at court. 

Retaliatory eviction rules are very vague and open to all kinds of interpretation, but if you can prove the above to the court, I think you’re looking at good chances. 

Also check this –

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