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REVENGE Eviction

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Just because I stopped my landlord from verybally abusing me, and from going into my flat without me being there and without my permission, he has served me with eviction notice section 21.  I’ve lived here 8 years and not one neighbour has complained about me.  I cleaned hallways and even replaced light bulbs in the hallways at my expense.  When i stopped him from going into my flat, my landord started to act like a jealous lover and was very nasty about things that was not landlord/tenant related.  I later discovered some of my underwear missing after one of his unannounced visits.   I am appalled, shocked and very angry.  I never in a million years thought he would stoop that low.  I never thought he would be so intrusive.  I am disgusted.  i just had to tell someone.  Now I have to find alternative accommodation.  I was looking to move anyway, but in my time.  i spoke to the police but there were not interested.  So much for justice. What a horrible, disgusting low life man.  I wish there was a “name and shame bad landlords” page somewhere.  i only got the section 21 today, so am now sure what to do next, or who to turn too.  Any advise please?   Many thanks for reading this.  Kath 


Hi Kath

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad time, that sounds awful. You can report rogue landlords to Shelter.

If your landlord has been going into your flat without permission then this could be harassment that the police must deal with – do you have any proof you can provide them with that they can use to prosecute your landlord?

As of the autumn, you will be able to take action for revenge evictions but for now unfortunately there is little that you can do. Although it feels inconvenient and like he has won right now, it is probably better to get away from a landlord like this, sooner rather than later.


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