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Ridiculous restrictions by previously burned landlords!

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Hi, i just wanted to share my anger and dissapointment.  I am a 37 year old woman with a husband, a 3 year old child and one on the way, i have 2 cats also.  We aren’t down enough on our luck to be accepted into social housing and not earning enough to save a deposit for our own place but we are respectable hard working people who pay our rent on time and respect the properties we live in. Twice now we have been unable to rent the properties that fit our needs due to landlords unrealistic stipulations, a family home (3+ bedrooms) is realistically going to have a family pet, if a landlord has had previous problems with animals it is wholly unfair to tar all future tenants with that same brush – just ask for a larger damage deposit to safeguard – that is what it is for!! More recently we have been refused a 3 bedroomed house close to my daughters school and grandmother as the landlord doesn’t want pets or children!!!!! I don’t believe social housing puts these restrictions on their tenants lives, owning your own property certainly doesn’t make these restrictions on owners lives so how come it is OK for landlords to make such ridiculous restrictions? Again, a larger damage deposit for nervous landlords is understandable and i would accept that but how dare any landlord who is offering his home to the market tell people they can’t have children or pets in a family home! If i were to move in as single person and in my time living there became pregnant would i have to be evicted?! There needs to be a law on people who offer their houses out for rent not being allowed to put such restrictions on their tenants rights to live a life like any other person, especially as the rent that is paid is much much higher than if it were a mortgage or social housing rent.

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Hi Wendy

It’s incredibly frustrating, particularly when you’re more likely to leave the landlord’s property in a better state than a single person, for example, who might be more careless and more inclined to parties. As far as I know, because the landlord owns the property they have the right to refuse tenants as they like. Unless they break laws such as those on discrimination with their actions. There’s some information here on discrimination but I’m not sure that would really apply.

Other than offering the higher deposit, as you say, I’m not sure what else you can do. It might be worth contacting Shelter to see if they know of anything that might help?

I hope you find somewhere – you’re not alone!


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