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Right to Rent Dilemma - Non UK Spouse

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My husband is a UK citizen and moved back to England ahead of me and our children.

Our daughter is a UK citizen, my son not.

We found a beautiful home to rent and my husband did all the checks etc. I viewed the house when I came to visit and flew back to SA to sort out my spousal visa..

We paid the rent and deposit on the 4th July after filling in pages and pages of paperwork.

Suddenly, the agent would not let my husband move in because I didn’t have a visa yet, even though I was still living abroad!

My husband was eventually granted access when my visa was granted, on the 19th Jujy. I only arrived on the UK on the 21st.

It cost us a fortune in hotel rent for those days my husband wasn’t allowed to move in and the landlord is refusing to refund us…What do we do?

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Your landlord will be liable for a criminal offence and a fine up to 3000 pounds for every person in the property that doesn’t have a right to rent in the UK. The letting agent probably wasn’t willing to take any chance in allowing access to your husband in case that you don’t get the visa for any reason and then the whole thing turns into a mess. 

If you can’t negotiate with the landlord to refund you 15 days of rent (between 4th and 19th of July), then your only option is to claim the money from the courts. However, I’m not at all sure if you’re entitled to the refund. Plus, the fact that you’re claiming this money 6 months later will only become a drawback for you. 

In your case, I’m not sure, but I think you can’t really do anything but to accept the facts. 

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