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Right to rent Law

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I am an Indian Passport holder working here in UK since April 2015. I got ICT log term visa which is valid till 29th July 2016. My employer is planning to extend my apply for extension of my visa by end of june 2016. Now i am in a situation that i need to find a new house for rent. My current lanlord gave me a 2 months notice which ends in July 23rd. Now when i fill my application to book a house, the agent has rejected my application saying that i should have a valid visa until my tenancy period as per ‘Rights to rent’ law which is in place from Feb 2016. I informed him that i will provide my current visa document and also i will provide my application file reference number once it is filled and also will provide extended visa documents copy once i receive it. But the agent is not accepting it. They refused my application. He said my application will be rejected by any agent.

I am in a situation where i need to leave my current house but i cannot get a new house until i renew my visa. Usually the renewal takes 5 to 8 weeks time. So can someone sujjest me what best i can do to get a house.

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Arafath- until you have actually secured your new Visa no agent or Landlord in the UK is lgeally permitted to let to you. Anyone doing so would be in breacjh of major new laws and would be liable for a very large fine. I advise you explain this to your employer and have the matter expedited!

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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