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rising damp

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Please can anyone advise I am living in a property and stupidly pic 6 months rent up front I am having lots of propleems the room leaks there is severe rising damp the windows won’t open there is fungi growing on the inside under the windows all three toilets leak no over flow the shower leaks the door handles keep breaking the power supply for the electric gates is being charged to my domestic electric tarrif the guttering and downpipes leak along with the sil pipe the house is old the boilsrbeing about 30 years is outside in a shed sounds like a tractor the landlord is a nice man but does not do any repairs I have reported to the environmental health and had a DMP specialist visit who said if was the worst case he has ever seen of rising damp

I want to now move out at the end of Feb 2015 instead of renewing my landlord nick brown says he has been to his solicitor as I have asked for three months refund as the problems first started in Oct 2014 when theroof leaked so much I moved out of that bedroom only to discover my mattress had gone mouldy underneath I have been told that the solicitor has told Mr brown he does not have to give me a refund please help the property is Denny lodge farm chittering Cambridge cb25 9 pH the owner being Mr nick brown I think I deserve. Some money back .my intentions when I first took on the property was to stay but now I have no choice but to leave None of these problems were present when I took on the tenancy the agents tucker Gardner don’t want any responsibility as they say they don’t manage the property so it has nothing to do with them any advise would be helpful

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Is your local Environmental Health department going to take any action against the landlord?

If your landlord isn’t willing to give you a refund then it might be worth asking him to consider a rent reduction for the period in which the property was in disrepair – this is quite normal. You could suggest a discount of 30-50% based on how unusable the property was during that time.

I think you probably need to get some proper legal advice as it sounds like you’re going to have to take the landlord to court if he won’t agree to a rent reduction. There is some information here on making a claim for disrepair against a landlord, including the kind of compensation that you can claim for, such as inconvenience, damage to your health and damage to your belongings.  You can speak to someone at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau about how to make a claim or find a free lawyer via your local law advice centre.

In terms of your landlord’s lawyer, lawyers are rarely objective but will see everything from the best perspective for their client – this doesn’t necessarily mean they are right so don’t be indimidated by the fact that he has a legal representative.


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