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Rodent infestation- who's responsible?

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Hi there,

Any advice very much appreciated. We moved into our first rental property around 6 weeks ago. On the day we moved in we saw a mouse in the garden but didn’t think much of it at the time.

There was also a horrendous smell in the house- at the time we put it down to a dirty mop being used to clean floors or something. Over the next couple of weeks with the help of lots of neutrodol it seemed to fade (or we got used to it) In the last 2 weeks though there seems to be another awful lingering smell and for the last 2 nights we’ve been woken up by scratching and gnawing noises in the loft and under the bedroom floor. This evening I found a single mouse poo in the kitchen.

This prompted us to have a thorough poke around and see if we could find anything. We’ve discovered a hole in the loft and multiple other possible entry points (including repairs to be done that were listed in the inventory, that still havent been completed)

We are very clean and tidy- no rubbish left out or food left on work surfaces etc. We also have 2 small dogs (with permission) and their food is always cleared away.

My question is, is this something our landlord should be dealing with (& ultimately covering the cost of) There’s nothing like this mentioned in our tenancy agreement and online opinions i’ve found so far seem to vary.

If it were a problem caused by our own bad habits i’d fully expect to be covering the cost, but the bad smells make me think it could have been an ongoing problem or at the very least one waiting to happen due to holes around the place.

Until now our landlord doesn’t have a great track record (multiple repairs to be done listed in inventory when we moved in, still not done, no cold water in the kitchen since we moved in, no responses to questions sent via the agent, personal possessions left behind and still not collected) so we aren’t optimisitic.

Another thing- if they did step up and offer to sort it out are we within our rights to request no poision? As mentioned we have dogs and don’t want poision in the house/garden.

Thanks in advance

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Hi There

To be honest, if your Landlord doesnt have a great track record, I would try and sole the issue yourself if you can. Buy an ultrasonic plug in mouse repeller- there are ones that are fine for dogs. Get a high-powered one for a whole house but put one on each floor. They cost around £15-20 each but some companies offer a money back guarantee if they dont do the trick.

Also search online for home made repellents using organic elements or search for pet friendly, natural mice repellant.

Hope that helps

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