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Rogue LL, No Dep Prot, No Gas Safety Chk, I broke tenancy and he's taking me to court

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So, after this lengthy post and now everyone is asleep ……… i’m so sorry, can anyone give me any help to just one question that I’ve search and search net for but cant find a thing:

Was I able to break a 12 mth contract (AST) even though it didnt have a breakclause in it for me for good reason as mentioned above?
All I can find on the net is, a section 21 cant be implemented by a landlord if they havent protected the deposit – but there’s nothing to support a tenant in my position where he broke the law at least twice with bond and gas cert and I had no choice other than to end the tenancy.  I couldnt live there.  Ive searched the housing act. I’ve searched the net.  I’d be so grateful if anyone can help me with that. 

Whilst my paperwork has gone to the court and him, I at least want to know what I can say in court next month in my defense.  I was never after money, I wouldnt have chased him.  I just wanted peace.  I wanted to start my own business and work, I didnt want this.  But I’ve had to fight it, you have no choice because if you dont you admit liability basically.  I left the property as it was when I took it on.  I never left a penny of debt, no outstanding bills, nothing.  Shelter helped me put a case together, they felt I could have left the property earlier than mth 6, but no-one can say to me, ‘you could have left the property when you did due to xxxx under xxxx act’.

I have not at this point reported him to the HSE as I was waiting to see what the judge says at the hearing.  I need something to say to this person, go away leave me alone, I never left you with debt, you left me with big problems.  I did pay him a lot of money in good faith.  I’m concerned because he’s boasted that he has everyone in his pocket from counsillors to judges to even our mayor – so I need to be straight on the Acts or regulations in court.

The answer Im really after is, ‘did I have a rightful get out and if so, under what Act, regulation etc’

Any help would be so much appreciated. I know I’m new, so I do thank you for reading such a long post. I hope this complicated problem helps someone else too ……. Thank you x

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