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Roommate stole damage deposit

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Hi there,

My flatmate and I shared a small apartment.  When we payed the daage deposit, I sent her my half and she payed it to our agency.  

The contract ended and we both moved out.  She told me she would send me my half of the damage deposit when she recieved it from the landlord.  She has since blocked me on facebook and is dodging my calls.  

What rights do I have?  The agency says they’ve already payed the money and its nothing to do with them.  What are my options? 

Many thanks!

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Hi Jess

I’m not a lawyer but I think you’d have to make a small claim against your former housemate. You’d need proof of the transfer of the cash to her and get paperwork from the agency that proves they’ve paid it back. Can you contact her via email or letter? If so, send her a warning note that you’re going to make a claim against her for the amount if she doesn’t repay it within a week. 

I’m not sure if this might count as theft even – in which case you could call the police. As I said I’m not a lawyer so speak to Citizens Advice or someone at a law centre and they should be able to point you in the right direction.


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