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Roommates won't let me sublet, don't have the money to keep paying rent.

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I am a Junior in college, renting an apartment with two other guys. ~2 months ago I became very ill and was hospital bound for a couple of weeks, undergoing a number of surgeries. I am currently bed-ridden at my mother’s across the state.  I have not been back to my apartment since I was rushed away 2 months ago. As such I did not pay my ‘share’ of utilities last month, as I felt that I had not used them and I really don’t have the money. I have since dropped out of school since I cannot travel/move around much at all.

Because I am runnning out of money I have been trying to sub-let. My current roommates, out of a sense of self-righteous vindictiveness due to the utulity bill, have been blocking any potential sub-lessee. They will not send me pictures of the place, and when I wanted to send my brother (who lives in the same town) to take pictures and retrieve some of my personal effects, they threatened to call the police. I only have enough money for one more month of rent (lost my job since hospital). Is there anything I can do? Anyway to retrieve my things or get a sub-lessee?


What is your tenancy agreement ?

Is each room let to each tenant with it’s own tenancy agreement, OR is the whole property let to all tenants with a joint tenancy agreement ? 

If it’s the first scenario, you only need the landlord’s permission to sublet. However, acknowledge that if your roommates want  they can sabotage effectively any attempt to get a new tenant in. 

If the tenancy agreement is jointly signed by all tenants and the landlord, you need everybody’s agreement to sub let your part. 

As for the utilities, you shouldn’t be responsible for utilities you haven’t used, so you might want to contact the landlord and seek their help to negotiate with your current roommates.

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