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Rules on heating a property

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Hello, I’m new to the forum. Can anyone tell me if there are any laws (or sections of legal text) that put obligations on a live-in landlord to reasonably heat his house, if he rents to lodgers? 

I’m one of three lodgers (I just moved in this January) and we are frequently freezing cold. The heating was turned off this morning and the button to turn-on or boost the central heating system taped up with a “private sign”. None of us were abusing or really using this feature and there is only one hour of heating in the evening. I practically live under my duvet covers just to keep myself from developing health problems.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Suzanne

It’s rather difficult for lodgers as you don’t have the same rights as a tenant with a standard tenancy agreement. Have you spoken to the landlord about it? It might be worth just raising the concern, the fact that it’s the middle of winter and that the property is almost uninhabitable without heat. You could ask the landlord to agree to set the heating to come on between certain hours – if he’s worried about the cost then ask for off peak hours. If he’s living there too then he must also be cold? As a last resort you and the other lodgers could all threaten to leave at the same time unless he provides basic warmth in rent for your rent payments.

If there’s another reason the heating has been turned off – for example, the boiler has been condemned – then you might be better off looking for somewhere else. Citizens Advice might be able to provide you with some assistance.


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