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s 21 notice

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Hi my son was given a s21 notice to vacate his apartment on the 17th May. His original 6 months lease ran out on the 5th May.

We put a written notice into the agent to vacate the apaprtment on the 5th May as he had found a new apaprtment to live in, so basically he was handed a s21 to vacate on 17th, we decided for find alternative accomodation. in the meantime we then gave 1 months written notice  to vacate the old apartment.

we handed the keys in on the 5th, The agent refused us to be present at checkout, we was toldwe were not invited.

I emailed the agent on the 13th May to ask about the checkout and deposit being paid back, i got a reply back saying the tenancy end date was the 17th May.

Can you please help and advice was our written notice a waste of time, can the agent decide on the dates.

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Hi Gail

It depends largely on what the Tenancy Agreement states. Some permit notice to be served on any date however others specify notice to fall on a specific date. Without seeing the Tenancy Agreement I cannot advise you accurately on this.

I would check the ‘notice’ clause in your tenancy agreement to see how it is worded and go from there.

If you get stuck come back to me and I’ll se what I can do.

Hope that helps.

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